Oh the places you’ll will go…

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Wow has time flown by… So many things have changed lately and quite frankly I have never been more excited for my future and all it holds.

For those of you who do not know, I have recently made the decision the put my MBA aspirations on hold. Instead of committing to another year of school I have courageously decided to enter the working world. I know, shocking right? Personally, I thought I was set on my decision to stay and extra year and get my MBA, but as I am learning more and more about myself and who I want to be in this world I am finding that transitioning right into an MBA program isn’t the right fit for me at the moment.

W. Golf Team dressed to impress at the 2016 GNAC Championship dinner (Left to right: Sarah Salvatori, Celia Beyke, Lisa Zelasko, Jen Liedes & Grace Dyer).

Although I am making the decision to leave Saint Martin’s behind after graduation, I will always remember the moments of clarity and perseverance it has faced me with. From the first day I arrived on the campus at Saint Martin’s, moving into my dorm, meeting amazing friends, faculty and staff, the experience has ultimately transformed me into the individual I am today. Even though, my path has been altered, changes have ensued, and dreams have been challenged, I can still happily say that I would not be where I am today without all the amazing opportunities Saint Martin’s University has provided me.

Through all the ups and downs, deciding a major, changing my major, changing my major again… my experiences as a college student at Saint Martin’s will be ones that I will carry with me through the rest of my life.

Senior W. Golfer’s after completing final rounds as collegiate athletes (there were tears) (left to right: Sarah Salvatori, Grace Dyer and Jen Liedes)

This past week I concluded my collegiate golf career. What a bittersweet and emotional experience that was. Golf has been an important pillar in my life for nearly 15 years, and now thinking about a lifestyle that does not involve competitive Golf has me feeling all kinds of different emotions. Through the sport, I have made life-long friends who all contributed to my transformation from a young and not-so-wise college freshman, to what I now like to look at myself as a confident, smart, enthusiastic young woman who is ready for what the world has in store for her.

One of the most important lessons that golf and getting a college education has taught me is that you aren’t always going to prepared for the experiences life throws your way. Life is an ever-changing battle and no matter how prepared you think you are, life will always surprise you. Growing up, I found myself frustrated with the things in life that were simply out of my control. I used to lose sleep over how people could sit back and just roll with the punches.

Throwback to freshman year with roommate, Grace Dyer. Day 1 Saints.

As I got older, experienced life and rediscovered myself and what is truly important to me, I have found that embracing those unexpected moments rather than fighting them make life so much more enjoyable. Although many will question my decision to put my MBA aspirations on hold, saying “Oh, you’ll never go back” I rebuttal those statements and doubts by saying, sure, maybe I won’t go back to school after I graduate with my Bachelors. But, I am confident that if the time is right for me, I will and that is good enough for me. That’s not to say that it isn’t the right decision for one of my peers. Everyone is different, and I have found peace and great joy with my decision.

Best of luck to all of you fellow and future Saints of Saint Martin’s University. Let your passions drive you towards your successes, life-long friendships, and everlasting memories. It has been my greatest privilege to have been able to serve the University in so many ways over my four years. I will miss all the amazing faculty, staff and friends who have helped me along the way. The road was long, stressful and challenging but I would never trade those experiences for anything.  Thank you for all of the amazing opportunities, love and support, SMU! I will miss you!

Love Always, Sarah Salvatori ❤



I’m feelin’ 22?

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I’m feelin’ 22!!!

Wow, this semester is really flying by. First school started, we just finished midterms and I recently celebrated my 22 birthday. So crazy! I still feel like that bright-eyed 18 year old that first moved into the dorms for the first time in 2012.

SMU Women's Golf wins home golf tournament!
SMU Women’s Golf wins home golf tournament!

Some really great things have happened this semester thus far. Now that we are well on our way to the end of the semester which also means that all things on campus are in full swing. Golf is also in full swing, and the fall season is almost over. I just need to take a minute to brag about my awesome golf team! So far this semester we have had some great performances and great finishes. At our first tournament in Canby, Oregon we were the only Division II school at the tournament and our competition in its entirety were from large Division I programs. Despite our place finish, as a team we performed awesome! We had some great scores that were paired together for some great team totals and we have only improved from there. Our second tournament of the season was our home tournament at Olympia Country and Golf Club. We had another great performance from the team and were able to capture the first place trophy for the second year in a row! Next up, we took the road and headed up to Bellingham, WA for Western Washington’s home invitational. Western is always known for their outstanding excellence in athletics and typically crushed us in past tournaments. With our team continuing to practice and work hard together we were able to place second at the tournament beating Western Washington on their own turf and finish just behind a nationally ranked team! I am so proud of this amazing group of women! Next stop is our annual Hawaii tournament and I couldn’t be more excited to see what my team and I can accomplish together!

Along with golf, Circle K has also hit the ground running offering several different opportunities for community service for our Circle K members. Our first service project of the year began with a highway clean-up. Unfortunatelyhighway clean up I was unable to attend this service project but I heard that the group that went had a lot of fun. As a group Circle K also did local park clean-ups around the city of Lacey where we worked together to pick-up trash, pull weeds, and spread bark in order to give the golf tournamentlocal parks a revamping makeover. Another great thing I love about Circle K is that we work really hard to make sure that all club members feel supported and appreciated. One of the ways that the club does this is by doing their best to attend all club members other extracurricular events such as athletic competitions, concerts, performances, ceremonies, and any other activity a fellow Circle K member might have happening. For example, at my home golf tournament, members of Circle K came out and supported teammate Sally Fletcher and I. When they came to the tournament they were also equipped with beautiful support signs for both Sally and I! It was by far the coolest thing to have my peers there to support me and my team and the fact that we won made the whole experience even better! It’s an amazing thing to see people you care about support you in what you do.

Gala countdown

Now that my fall golf season is winding down my involvement in all my other clubs and jobs will be going up. One event that is right around the corner and one that I am super excited to be involved in and it is the 2015 SMU Gala! This is an event to celebrate students and their desires for achieving higher education and engagement from a strong community. Like I had mentioned before in a previous blog, this event brings in a lot of big names from the community who come to donate to academic funds all while enjoying a spectacular culinary experience. As a member of Social Squad I have the opportunity to attend the event covering all the news and happenings on social media. In excitement for the Gala and all that it entails I just had to send out a countdown tweet. I walked down to the Marcus Pavilion and found the University’s cardboard cutout of The Chew and took a picture with my arms around my favorite member, Clinton Kelly and posted a tweet. In this tweet I expressed my excitement to meet the group but most importantly meet one of my all-time fashion idols. I naturally had to tag Clinton Kelly’s twitter account in my tweet and off it went. Little did I know that Clinton himself would graciously go out of his way to respond to my fan-girl tweet! I could not believe it! I am so excited to meet him and the rest of the members of The Chew in as little as 15 days. I am so thankful for this opportunity of a lifetime and I cannot wait to see what this night has in store!

Now that this semester is nearly over some of you might be wondering what is next for me or even what is coming up next for you? Especially if you are in your senior year, stress may be running high. I know I am experiencing high stress levels just around one simple question, “what now?”. Personally I have found myself juggling several ideas about my future. Do I want to stay in Washington and find a job, or would I rather move back to Oregon and find a job there? Or would I rather want to tough it out one more year and stay at Saint Martin’s to get my Masters in Business Administration? At the moment, I have no idea what is going to happen, but one can’t help but think about it. One way I am keeping my stress low is by staying in contact with Ann Adams in the SMU Career Center. She is always so willing to take a look at my resume whenever I need to add something new. She is always planning and hosting events for studnets to get their future jumpstarted with Business and Career fairs for all majors. With the idea in mind that all student deserve a bright future she has started the Saints Have A Plan campaign that is a run through the Career Center for all students. She provides anyone who wants it with a checklist of things you can do as a student each year of school to prepare you for a career or continuing on in high education. Working with Ann in my last several months at Saint Martin’s will be crucial but I am so thankful to have so many people on the Saint Martin’s campus who are looking out for our futures.

What to bring to College…

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Hello again!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying out of the heat. Lets be honestly, the Pacific Northwest has been blessed with some very nice weather these past few months, but come on mother nature, turn down the heat just a tad. This PNW girl is starting to overheat! Anyways, the start of the school year is right around the corner and approaching quickly I might add. At this point in the game I am sure most of you are starting to wonder about what you should send your beloved child off to college with, or maybe you’re a freshman and just wondering what exactly you should expect from your first year in college. Well, you’re in luck and hopefully I can help save the day (or year) with these tips as I attempt to give you and anyone else my advice on what to bring to college based on my personal experiences.

My dorm room freshman year (2012-2013)

Now, I like to call myself an avid Pinterest user and I have read so many different “what to bring to college” articles and honestly after reading them I find myself questioning whether or not the person who wrote it actually even went to college. I have found that most lists are way too detailed and you may find that you would probably have no use for half the items on the lists, or at least I felt that way. So, don’t waste your time or money on hundreds of items that some random person (not me of course) says you need in order to survive in college.

I have done my best to keep these tips as gender-neutral as possible. I might be a girl, but I know that guys need just as much help with figuring out what to bring to college. So here it goes…

I recently found out that for the last several years SMU Housing and Residence Life have been teaming up with a website called in hopes to aid incoming or current students with preparing for the school year. Roomify allows students to create personalized dorm room packages that will get any student started with the primary college essentials. I personally did not order from this site when I was an incoming freshman simply because I did not know that it was an option, but before putting together this list I decided to take the site on a little test drive, and honestly I think it is a great option of all students! The site allows you to add and subtract items from a package, pick personalized colors and the best part about all this is that Roomify will package all your desired items into one box and deliver them to you. Isn’t that pretty cool? I think so! This saves you the trips to multiple different stores all over town, and I think it’s an ultimate one stop shop for back to school. Some of the items that are included in one of the standardized packages might include:

Freshman roommate, Grace showcasing why is important to have a comfy bedroom setup while being a busy college student.
  • Twin XL sized bedding (required) (100% cotton)
  • Memory foam mattress pad (twin XL size)
  • Bath set
  • Shower caddy
  • Storage set (Hanging organizer, underbed storage, and more)
  • Clip fan and lamp
  • Dining set
  • Lap desk

Just to name a few things!!

I personally think it is so important to create your own space in your dorm room that will help you feel comfortable when making the transition to life on your own without the immediate assistance of our oh so loving parents who have worked so hard to raise us. 😉

A comfy bed is clearly a necessity, as seen in the picture above. This was my freshman roomie, Grace, taking a much needed nap after class. I never truly understood the real meaning or purpose behind a nap until I came to college. Sleep is our friend and we must cherish it when we can.

Another awesome fact about Saint Martin’s is that when you live in the residence halls you will be provided with all the important furniture that you will need. When living in the dorms each room is equipped with a dresser/set of drawers, a computer desk with matching chair, a closet, a bed frame with twin XL mattress, and a bedside table. So no need to bring any of those items from home.

Freshman roommate, Grace.
Freshman roommate, Grace, waiting for laundry in the laundry room. See!!! You will need a laundry hamper for multiple purposes!

Next up are what I consider to be the dorm necessities:

  • Alarm clock (most students use their cell phones)
  • Laundry hamper
  • Full-length mirror (obviously optional)
  • Push pins
  • Trashcan
  • Photos (of friends, family)
  • Wall art (posters or easy off decals)

Even though you will be living on your own and when your parents drop you off for the semester you might be itching for freedom, I personally think it is important to bring small mementos from home that remind you of friends and family. Even though I was one of those itching 18 year olds who was way too excited too make it on my own, I did find myself in experiencing severe episodes of what us college kids like to call “home-sickness”. I found that those mementos that I brought from home and a quick call home to Mom and Dad seemed to be an effective cure.

Moving onto cleaning supplies: At Saint Martin’s, you are not expected to clean the communal bathrooms in the dorms. However, if you are in an apartment style bathroom or single-single with a bathroom in the room you will be expected to keep the bathroom clean. But, for those of you who are new to college and will be freshman you will be living in Res Halls with communal bathrooms that are gender separate. Some items that I found to be extremely helpful my freshman year were…

  • Bleach (laundry)
  • Fabric softener
  • Laundry detergent
  • Tide To-Go pen
  • Lint brush
  • Stain remover
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags

I hope that this list helped if not all, but hopefully most of you in grathering those last minute essentials for the new and upcoming school year! I wish all of you the best of luck on either the start or continuation of your college adventures!