Month: September 2016

Bet you didn’t see this coming…

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Post graduation with best friends and fellow Grads, Chase DeCoito, Abby McFaul, Kristin Okamura, Madison Hibbard, Carl Svanevik, and Hanna Hernandez.

Last we talked I was finishing up my last few weeks as an undergrad. I had decided to put my MBA on the back burner and explore what else the world had to offer me. Grad week rolled around and as my family and friends started coming into town I was asked the million dollar questions that every grad dreads hearing – especially if they have no idea what is in their future; “So Sarah, what’s next?”, “Do you have a job?”, “Are you moving back home with your parents?”. I ran out of fingers and toes to count how many times I was asked variations of those questions before graduation.

After some serious thinking and conversation with my parents, I had decided that maybe the best option for me wasn’t jump out into the job world just yet. Maybe what was best for me was to stay at Saint Martin’s and finish getting the Masters Degree I had already started, and this is what I decided to do. This last summer after graduation I decided to hit the ground running, enrolling in 2 MBA classes for the summer. Now I’m halfway done with my first fall term and on track to graduate with my MBA spring 2017, only a year after graduating with my BA. Crazy!13267987_10209524993232040_2592364605756699683_n

Now that I have officially decided to continue my education at Saint Martin’s, I was blessed with the opportunity to be apart of Social Squad for one final year. This year I hope to engage with other graduate students and graduating seniors and show them that continuing your education can open so many more doors. I will be the second person in my family to graduate with a Masters Degree and I couldn’t be more excited to see what this year has in store for me and my future.

Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms, SMU!